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Managing User Access to a Solution

Access to the service endpoints in a solution is controlled by the Access Control Service (ACS). Access to all service endpoints is restricted to known users who must authenticate to ACS, either through an on-screen login (for browser access) or a programmatic login (for application access).

A number of default users and roles are created to allow initial access and setup of the solution. If you need to change or add to the default users, this can be done after the solution has been deployed by accessing the administrative console of the included Keycloak service.

Adding and Changing Users, Passwords, and Roles in a Deployed Solution

  1. To update your solution's users and credentials, you need to access Keycloak.

    • Copy and paste the below link into your domain search bar, replacing ${SOLUTION_DOMAIN} with your personal Solution Domain name

    • Log in with the sol-admin credentials

  2. On the left of the screen, under Manage, select Users.

    • To edit an existing User:
      • Choose View all users
      • Select the user you wish to edit
      • On the Details tab, you can select one or more Required Actions (such as Update Password), impersonate the user, or make other adjustments.
      • To add a new User:
        • Choose Add user
        • Enter the appropriate information, at a minimum the username will be added. Click save.
        • Move to the Credentials tab and set a temporary password.
        • At this point, the new user will be able to log into the solution, set a new password, and access catalog services. They will not be able to access the SoFy Console.
        • Note: The user will have to set a new password in order to activate their account.
  3. If you wish to allow the new user to access the SoFy Console, do the following:

    • Go to the Role Mappings tab in Keycloak.
    • Select the solution-admin role and add it for that user; the change should take effect immediately.
  4. Close the Keycloak window when you have completed your changes.