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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a collection of Frequently Asked Questions from both SoFy employees and users. This document is updated and expanded periodically for accuracy and competency. For any further questions you'd like answered, please check our Guides, Blog, or Release Notes. Still not seeing your question answered? Send suggestions over to this email.

SoFy Access and Login Information

1. How do I get access to SoFy?

  • HCL Employees: Login using your current HCL Credentials from the SoFy Homepage
  • All other parties (HCL Customers, HCL Business Partners, or Prospective Customers): Complete and submit this form

2. How can I access the Business Solution or Product?

  • Once you launch a sandbox, the login credentials will appear in the top left hand side of the Catalog Details page once fully deployed.

3. What are the initial login credentials for the SoFy Console?

  • User: sol-admin

  • Password: Each solution will generate its own unique password during install

  • Note: These are the initial login credentials for the SoFy Console, and do not apply if they are reset or changed. If you are unable to login, please contact SoFy Support.

The SoFy Catalog

1. What is the SoFy Catalog?

  • The Catalog is all of HCL's Software offerings, in one place. Read about their features and explore capabilities, then launch and test them out in our SoFy Sandbox environment.

2. In the SoFy Catalog, what is the difference between a Product and a Business Solution?

  • Our catalog offers different types of software - Products and Business Solutions. Products are HCL's cloud native product offerings that stand alone as an HCL entitlement. Business Solutions combine data, configuration, and applications, to be installed with a product to provide a richer, more robust software bundle.

3. How will I know which Product or Business Solution is right for me? Where do I start?

  • Information on each HCL Software offering is listed on the catalog cards; click on the card to expand and learn more information. Our Catalog has search and filter capabilities that we refine and update regularly. Search for a relevant term in the search box or filter by category, name, or last updated products.

SoFy Software & Sandbox

1. I just launched my sandbox – why can’t I access it yet?

  • Your application is still starting up! The Sandbox can take some time to deploy and start up – most solutions are available in just a few minutes, but more complicated applications may require up to an hour before they are ready to use. Check the progress icon in the Status section to see if its fully deployed.

2. Once my sandbox has deployed and I’m in the SoFy Console, are there any resources I can use to learn about the console and the SoFy Sandbox?

  • Yes – there are SoFy Console guides to aid your success in testing your solution in the sandbox. On the teal left-hand side navigation bar, there is a section called ‘Guides’ that provides helpful documentation.

3. If I want to install HCL Software into the cloud of my choice, how long will it take to download and deploy to my own environment?

  • Downloading the associated Helm chart is nearly instantaneous. You can then deploy that Helm chart in your cloud environment of choice.

4. Is there a limit to the number of sandboxes I can launch at once?

  • You are allotted 2 active sandboxes at one time.

5. I don’t want to deploy HCL Software externally, does HCL have an in-house Kubernetes hosting option?

  • HCL offers an in-house native cloud service called HCL Now. Keep your solution and Kubernetes all-in-one place – find out more information.


1. What are Release Notes and how often are they published?

  • Release Notes are SoFy product updates on our existing offerings. They are located on our Doc site and are released around every 2 weeks. An archive of older release notes is also available.

2. Where can I find resources for SoFy if I need help?

  • Contact your HCL seller or Technical Advisor for assistance with SoFy. For functional help within the SoFy platform, refer to our resource Guides.

3. Where can I open a support ticket if I need help with SoFy?

4. Is there a list of all the HCL Software REST APIs?

  • Yes - our API Directory is a robust list of all HCL Software APIs.

5. There are some terms I don't understand on the Doc site and within the SoFy site; is there a list of definitions somewhere?

  • Our SoFy Glossary gives you definitions for general cloud-related terms, in addition to SoFy-specific terms. We are always updating this resource, so check in from time to time.

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