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SoFy Documentation


Catalog Overview

Our SoFy Catalog has two categories:

  • Business Solutions integrate one or more HCL Software products, or partner products, with configuration and data, and using step-by-step instructions, they illustrate how the products can be used to solve business challenges
  • Products are complete HCL Software product offerings, available to try and download in a cloud-native form factor

Most catalog assets have Helm charts which can be deployed in our trial sandbox, and some can be downloaded for installation in your own Kubernetes cluster. A few catalog entries provide links to hosted cloud (SaaS) services.

SoFy Business Solutions

Business Solutions help you to experience product capabilities, with well-documented scenarios you can try out in the product itself. Demo Packs contain demo assets like data, configuration, and applications, that are installed with a product to provide a richer demo experience. Some demo packs provide integrations between two or more products.

Our SoFy Catalog is listed from Business Solutions to Products, descending down the page. Use filters or keywords in the search box to find the items that best fit your needs.

When you click on a card from the catalog, a populated details page will tell you important information about what the Business Solution or product includes.

Trying out catalog items in the Sandbox

Most catalog items have Helm charts that can be installed into the SoFy Sandbox, a Kubernetes cluster provided for you to try out our software for a limited time.

Note: This is not a production environment and you should not upload any sensitive data to the products running in the Sandbox. Most products can also be installed in your own Kubernetes environment, by downloading the solution Helm chart. However, some catalog assets are for sandbox use only, and solutions that include such items will not be available for download. Check the documentation for the individual items for any restrictions on supported environments.

Requesting a Quote

Some catalog tiles have information about requesting a product quote. Click 'Request Quote' from the Catalog Detail page, if applicable, fill out the form and submit. An HCL Software team member will reach out to further discuss your request. The quote form is a preliminary inquiry; not yet a final purchase.

Placing an Online Order

Some products have an option to place an online order. Click 'Buy' from the tile or from the Catalog Detail page. Clicking on 'Buy' will navigate you to the purchase description page. The purchase description page explains what comes with the order. To place an order, fill out the form, and Continue with purchase. You will receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to submit your final payment.