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SoFy Documentation


Solution Overview

The Helm charts provided through the SoFy Catalog represent SoFy Solutions. A Solution is a Kubernetes application that includes one or more HCL Software products and a set of common services. Each product and common service is managed through its own Helm chart, and these charts are packaged as peer child charts into the parent Solution chart. This provides a convenient packaging of the desired products, with essential services, such as ingress and monitoring, resulting in a self-contained deployment package that is portable across different Kubernetes environments.

All services are managed through their applicable Helm charts. When a solution is installed into Kubernetes, the services run in a private network, communicating with each other using internal IP addresses that are not accessible by services outside the solution’s network. All access from outside the solution, such as from your browser or local application, is made through the single external IP address for the solution. This external IP address connects to the routing component, or ingress controller. SoFy uses Ambassador or Emissary as the ingress controller for each solution. It provides a useful control point for all traffic coming into the solution network, as in the example of applying access control.