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SoFy Documentation


SoFy Access Requests

Access to HCL SoFy and our container registry are controlled through your HCL Software ID. If you do not already have one, an HCL Software ID is created for you upon submittal and approval of the access request form. There are two levels of access available:

  • HCL SoFy site at - run HCL software products in the provided cloud native sandbox

  • HCL Software container registry at - download container images on any products for which you have a license

Gaining Access:

To obtain access to HCL SoFy, please fill out the form at this link. Access is granted when one of the two following criteria is met:

  1. Belong to an organization (Customer or Business Partner) that owns an active HCL Software entitlement. Please register with your business email so this relationship can be verified. If you register as a Customer or Business partner, but your email cannot be verified, you will be contacted for further details.

  2. Enter an access code that was provided to you by an HCL Software Sales representative. If you are not yet affiliated as a Customer or Business Partner and you need an access code, fill out the form and you will be contacted by the HCL Software Sales. Once you obtain the access code, return to the Request Access landing page and fill out the form again, inputting your assigned access code into the corresponding field. When the form is submitted, you will be granted access to SoFy immediately and sent an email containing login information.

To Note:

To access the container registry, you must be listed on your organization’s HCL account in the HCL Flexnet Operations (FNO) portal. The FNO administrator for your organization can add you to the account; you can request the name of your administrator by opening a support ticket here. If you first get access to the HCL SoFy site only through verification of your email domain, and later get added to your organization’s HCL account in FNO, you can then resubmit the access request form to also gain access to the container registry.