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SoFy Documentation


Welcome to HCL SoFy

Quick HCL SoFy Introduction

Welcome to HCL SoFy, the easy way to go cloud native with HCL Software and partner products. SoFy lets you try out these products in our sandbox environment, and helps you get them running in containers, orchestrated by Kubernetes, in the cloud of your choice. Kubernetes opens up the benefits of cloud native technology, including lightning-fast deployment and updates, built-in resilience, and elastic scaling.

Explore the Catalog

HCL SoFy has a catalog of ready-to-use HCL Software Products, Business Solutions, and partner content for easy deployment to a cloud native environment. Most of the entries in the catalog are packaged as container images and Helm charts, for simple installation and configuration in Kubernetes. A few catalog items link to multi-tenant cloud (SaaS) offerings.

To view the entire catalog, select Catalog on the header menu. Click on the card to learn more about the product or Business Solution. The Catalog Details page shows important information and documentation for using that product. Search the catalog by typing keywords in the Search Box or by using the filters.

Try out a Business Solution or Product in our Trial Kubernetes Sandbox

Launching a sandbox is quick and easy. From the catalog page:

  1. Click LAUNCH IT on the catalog card or from the Catalog Details page to directly startup a sandbox.

  2. Once deployed to the sandbox, you can view the solution via the Sandbox Links. OPEN.

  3. Copy the login credentials listed below the button to access the Sandbox Links.

  4. If you would like to see more technical information related to Kubernetes about the deployed solution, click to open the SoFy Console button. Copy the login credentials listed below the button to access the SoFy Console.

Download a Product for Solution Install

HCL SoFy is designed to allow solutions to deploy to any Kubernetes environment, giving you several options: open source Kubernetes for a self-managed environment, public cloud vendors like Google Kubernetes Engine or Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service, or private cloud platforms that include Kubernetes capability within their data center or cloud account. The SoFy deployment package is a Helm chart that we call a SoFy Solution (a .tgz file).

To download a product, click on the Download Helm Chart (download icon) found on the top right header of the Catalog Details page, or from the catalog card itself.

Download Helm Chart

Detailed information for installing Solutions can be found in the following SoFy Guides:

  • Installing Solutions: Getting Started with Solutions in a Google Cloud Platform Trial Account Tutorial
  • Installing Solutions: Overview for Kubernetes Administrators
  • Installing Solutions: ss Instructions
  • Applying your Own Domain Name and SSL Cert
  • Supported Kubernetes Environments

While SoFy does provide a sandbox (Kubernetes cluster) for limited testing of solutions, it is not a deployment platform. You can read more in the SoFy Guide entitled Supported Kubernetes Environments.